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Beautiful conditions and warmer weather have many planning Big Bear fishing trips!

brandimilloy3Families, couples and groups of friends, colleagues and coworkers are still planning getaways while the gorgeous summer conditions continue and fishing is the highlight of the mountain stay!  Trolling has been perfect this past week out on the lake.  We covered the entire west end at times but from Metcalf Bay to the dam has continued to be the most productive area for us.  From Boulder Bay to Papoose Bay has been particularly generous with action and on occasion the dam has been a sure place to get into frequent doubles.  Again, it’s been a week of multiple fish hitting at once and landed at the same time which is extra thrilling and makes for priceless memories.  Down riggers have been running a variety of custom made spinners with blades from Alaska and assorted UV and Glow Beads we’ve collected from Utah to Michigan!  Orange, Red with Crystal and custom painted blades with UV, Glitter and Glow finishes in reds, purples, greens and blues.  Leaders from 3″-24″ trail the in line spinners with a night crawler and keeping em pinched off with less instead of MORE has been best to avoid short strikes.  Leaded lines have been at 2-3 colors and hottest lures have been Green Gobie/Copper, Heavens Door/Copper and Wicked Witch/Silver Little Warriors, Watermelon and Red Magic Needlefish, Gold and Copper Thomas Bouyants.  Slower speed has been best and turns have also contributed to some of the better strikes.  Most of the 2+ lb rainbows were caught up at the shallower depths on the down riggers with night crawlers on spinners.  Three hour trips have been great to allow for the LULL that can happen and for the hour that can be total glory!  At times the lures are on fire then the spinners go wild so it’s been great to have a combination of different rigs and depths running at once.  This has been a awesome week for Lucky Bear with many returning customers who we enjoy taking to the rainbow trout each season and also a couple special new fishing friends we’ve made.  We look forward to all visitors, second home owners and locals coming back and fishing for rainbow trout on Big Bear Lake.

Please call Pleasure Point Marina for pontoon rentals at 909-866-2455, Golden Bear Cottages for lodging 800-461-1023  GoldenBearCottages.com and Lucky Bear Fishing Charters 909-866-7303 for guided fishing trips.september2014 051