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Lovely Labor Day Weekend on Big Bear Lake with Family and Friends

The past week we took some more time off for R&R and each time we ventured out on a trip it remained no brainer fishing!  Trolling for rainbow trout has been phenomenal for us the entire summer.  We figured out the perfect blend between down riggers, leaded lines and surface.  Labor Day weekend was spectacular and the majority of our trout were caught in the a.m. and mid day along the south shore from Metcalf Bay to the dam and then in the late afternoons to dusk we stayed along the north shore from the west ramp to the dam.  Hot spots were Trout Alley and from Grays Landing to the dam.  Hottest lures have been UV Red and Watermelon Needlefish, brown trout and various other smaller sized Rapalas, Heavens Door Little Warrior, PK Lures prototype flutter fish and flies and night crawlers.  The down riggers were at 3 and 14 feet and leaded lines at 3 to 4 colors.  When boat activity subsided and we could put lures on the surface several different Rapalas and Flicker Shads turned on.  There were a couple 40+ and many 15-20 fish trips in the past week.  Anytime of day has been fine to troll with exception of a few trips we had to work our times out with the lightning and rain.  Truly amazing days lately on the lake and no less than FIVE STARS for beautiful Big Bear Lake and the rainbow trout this week!  For all your Big Bear Lake gear and tackle go to Big Bear Sporting Goods 909-866-3222 and for guided trips call Lucky Bear Fishing Charters 909-866-7303.

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