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Super fun summertime fishing on Big Bear Lake!

July2014 036There is nothing like the feeling of fishing on Big Bear Lake at the peak of summer!  Almost everyone on the boat mentions how great it feels, smells and looks in Big Bear during the summer.  Trolling on such a beautiful lake gives us all time to recharge while relaxing and having many moments filled with smiles and laughter.  One of the best things about rainbow trout fishing on Big Bear Lake in the summer is the challenge of locating the fish that are interested. server information .  This gives opportunity to cover lots of territory and view all the awesome areas of the lake.  The fish get less interested or more lethargic when it heats up instead of wanting to attack the lures or bait like they do in the spring or fall.  When you do find the ones that bite you must hope that they are aggressive enough to take the hook deep enough to make it to the boat.   Slower reeling and waiting to wear the trout out is vital now.  Forcing, horsing and pumping the fishing rod as well as fast reeling has not been the best techniques and results in many long line releases!   The joy of rainbow trout fishing really does come not only from the ones that are caught but also from the ones that are lost.  This is what makes fishing fun and a challenge and brings the ultimate appreciation of landing one- particularly a BIG ONE!   Almost all of our fish this week that were landed fell off the hook and into the net or were barely hooked.  Everyone this week did wonderful learning to be patient not only as we located the fish but also as they reeled them it.  It brought a special note to the trips that does not always happen.   Seemed to always come back to the dock with the boat all chatting about how darn exciting the trip went.  The past week we fished 36 hours and the trout were caught all over the west end of the lake.  No particular location was better than another and many fish were caught near drop offs and some out in the middle in the deeper water.   The thrill of the week had to be all the double hook ups and many happened more than once during the trips!  We may wait a good hour at times then run into multiple fish within thirty minutes.  The lures of the week have been Watermelon, UV Red and Huckleberry Needlefish, brown trout Rapalas, green gobie Little Warrior with a copper back and night crawlers.  Down riggers have been hit at shallow depths often from 3-7 feet and also 12-21 feet.  Leaded lines were 3-4 colors most times.  Flat lining various Rapalas was working well too but not one particular pattern/color stayed consistent.  Holding steady with most three hour trips averaging 5-10 rainbow trout.  There have been several double digit trips and also a few trips we could count on one hand!!!  Many fish are getting on the lines and about three quarters of the fish were not landed this week.  The water has reached summertime temperatures and the rainbow trout are on the move and can be a bit touchy or finicky as they hit the lures and night crawlers often  but many times do not take them.  It’s been incredible weather and the skies, forest, sunrises and sunsets have been fantastic for making the fishing the most enjoyable.  We have been blessed and grateful to take several Military and their families out on the lake to the rainbow trout.   The photos featured here are of Ken and Marvin who are in the Navy and both departed for Afghanistan this past week.  Before they departed they took their girls fishing and the catching and memories were priceless!    Please call Pleasure Point Marina for pontoon rentals at 909-866-2455, Golden Bear Cottages for lodging 800-461-1023  GoldenBearCottages.com and Lucky Bear Fishing Charters 909-866-7303 for guided fishing trips.

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