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BAM! First trip of season 2014 starts with a 4.32lb LUNKER

may2014 051With such a unpredictable and tougher 2013 we geared up and headed out on our first trips with flexibility and determination in mind.  Fortunately, we didn’t have to work too hard or bend much at all.  It was a matter of finding a couple good spots and a few great lures and hoping the winds were cooperative.  It’s been a week of WILD gusting winds – the kind that blow furniture off the deck and sometimes blow the fish away!  We managed to find most rainbow trout in the rougher conditions up near the surface or down deeper.  The past week we spent 15 hours on the lake and all our rainbow trout were caught trolling from Metcalf Bay to Papoose Bay and between Gilner Pt and Windy Pt.  Flies and Rapalas on the surface particularly when the slight wind and ripple picks up across the lake.   Down riggers were hitting at 4- 6, 19, 21 and 23 feet and leaded lines were at 3-4 colors.  The hottest lures were  CD-3 and CD-5 Rapalas in various patterns, Little Warriors in Green and Gold Gobie with silver or gold backs, various PK Lures Flies prototypes and a variety of flashers/dodgers with night crawlers.  Not enough consistency with many lure patterns so not worth mentioning specific colors/patterns.   Worth noting that many lures/flashers/dodgers we used were in green and purple shades and silver/copper/gold finishes all hit.  What’s important is to continuously switch up as the conditions and sun/clouds changes brightness throughout the day.  Varying leaders,  speed and turns will help put the fish on the lines when the trout won’t bite!  Don’t always follow the norm when the fish are not biting.  Some very bright lures hit while darker out and gobie, perch, baby bass patterns were workin well at moments and could rarely get the brown, rainbow trout or firetiger to hit.   We averaged 12 fish in three hours and ran about 30 different lures/rigs on 5-6 lines per trip.  The bite has been hard to call with time of day and extreme differences with the winds.   We had a 4 fish 3 hour trip on this past Thursday and Linda Ankrom from San Diego landed a beautiful 4.32lb lunker on this lower count trip.  Then we had a 22 fish 4 hour trip on Saturday during the May Trout Classic.  Both of these trips mentioned were late morning-mid day, similar wind conditions and we covered same locations and used similar variety of lures and night crawlers.  The moon has been BRIGHT and winds not always favorable but we are catching by switching up often and sticking in the areas where we initially get more than one hit because beggars can’t be choosers when you’re dealing with GUSTS or LACK of wind.  Plan to spend a little extra time if possible and you can never have enough in your fishing pantry or arsenal to catch the rainbow trout.   We ran about 70 lures/rigs, two different size crawlers and three different scents during the past four trips.  This is a wonderful time of year to visit and fish on Big Bear Lake the scenery is gorgeous and weather is spectacular.   Please call Pleasure Point Marina for pontoon rentals at 909-866-2455, Golden Bear Cottages for lodging 800-461-1023  GoldenBearCottages.com and Lucky Bear Fishing Charters 909-866-7303 for guided fishing trips.