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Fishing season 2015 started off HOT trolling for Rainbow Trout on Big Bear Lake!

Fishing season 2015 is off to a great start for Lucky Bear fishers. Our "Lucky Lunker" biggest fish of the season contest is off to a decent start already. Ray Hale of Big Bear Lake caught a 3.75lb lunker near Windy Pt on a Needlefish at 3 colors on 6/14/15 at 7:20pm! The past two weeks most rainbow … [Read more...]

Fantastic falltime fishing for rainbow trout has arrived on Big Bear Lake!

There's no finer time to be out on beautiful Big Bear Lake trolling for rainbow trout.  The tree leaves are turning vibrant colors before our eyes daily now.  The air is starting to chill with the scent of wood burning from chimney's and there's frost on the boat in the morning now!  All these are … [Read more...]

Beautiful conditions and warmer weather have many planning Big Bear fishing trips!

Families, couples and groups of friends, colleagues and coworkers are still planning getaways while the gorgeous summer conditions continue and fishing is the highlight of the mountain stay!  Trolling has been perfect this past week out on the lake.  We covered the entire west end at times but from … [Read more...]

Super end to summer as fabulous fall time fishing arrives on Big Bear Lake!

Trolling for rainbow trout has been incredible this past week on Big Bear Lake with limits for almost all and several hard fighters up to three pounds.   Summer vacation is over and the kids have gone back to school.  This means the lake is now wide open for fishing as the temperatures drop and … [Read more...]

Friends and families havin’ fun with all the rainbow trout action trolling on beautiful Big Bear Lake!

You cannot find a more comfortable time to troll for rainbow trout on Big Bear Lake.  The temperatures are perfect the skies are blue and sometimes full of fluffy white clouds.  We've been blessed with incredible sunrises and sunsets too!  The consistency in fishing for us has been the territory and … [Read more...]

Fine times catching rainbow trout on Big Bear Lake in the summertime!

We're in the hottest days of summer and the trout are biting well.  We trolled the entire west end of the lake for over 40 hours this past week.  The best bite was from Trout Alley to the dam and many fish were caught out in the middle from Boulder Bay and over along the north shore from Grays … [Read more...]

Super fun summertime fishing on Big Bear Lake!

There is nothing like the feeling of fishing on Big Bear Lake at the peak of summer!  Almost everyone on the boat mentions how great it feels, smells and looks in Big Bear during the summer.  Trolling on such a beautiful lake gives us all time to recharge while relaxing and having many moments … [Read more...]

Big Bear Lake is warming up and the rainbow trout are playing hard to get!

The past week has brought spectacular weather and great times for all out on the lake before the summer crowds arrive.  The rainbow trout have been much harder to locate and a challenge to get them to the boat!  We spent 27 hours this past week trolling all over the west end of the lake.  Majority … [Read more...]

Summer’s coming and the rainbow trout are biting on Big Bear Lake!

This past week brought QUALITY size rainbow trout and decent fishing any time of day for us. Late morning and mid day seemed to be the best times overall for conditions and number of fish caught. We trolled the south shore from Gilner Pt to Papoose Bay and most the rainbow trout were hitting from … [Read more...]

Memorial Day Weekend Fishing on Beautiful Big Bear Lake

This past week we enjoyed some warmer weather with less gusty winds and it is incredible out on the lake.  The catching did slow a bit which didn't make sense with such perfect conditions most of the time while we trolled for rainbow trout.  We covered most of the territory during the past 30 … [Read more...]