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Big Bear Lake is warming up and the rainbow trout are playing hard to get!

june2014 032The past week has brought spectacular weather and great times for all out on the lake before the summer crowds arrive.  The rainbow trout have been much harder to locate and a challenge to get them to the boat!  We spent 27 hours this past week trolling all over the west end of the lake.  Majority of our fish were caught along the south shore from Gilner Pt to Boulder Bay and along the north shore from the Dam to Grays Landing.  No particular depths stay true from day to day or hour to hour!  We caught all our fish from the surface to 24 feet.  Night crawlers, various Rapalas, Little Warrior Heavens Door/Gold, Scorpian Stinger Purple Frog/Copper, Excel Gold Red Head Kokanee and Pink/Purple Tasmanian Devils were the hottest all week.  Leaded lines were at 3-4 colors and down riggers at 3-4, 12-15 and 19-24 and adjusted constantly throughout the week.  Rapalas hit on and off flat lining the surface.  Many 2-3lb quality rainbow trout have been caught daily and each 3 hour trip is averaging 5-10 fish landed and lots of action with several fish getting off before being landed at the net!  It’s been a week full of pressure trying to get the fish ON the hook and to the boat.  Patience, consistent reeling and respecting when the trout fights and letting them wear out has made the fishing extra fun and a great learning experience.  We have tried many different rigs, lures, bait and leaders to figure out how to make each trip a success and getting outside the box and being flexible with location and realizing that timing is sometimes everything when fishing.  Patience, determination and appreciation of all the little things going on while fishing has made the transition from spring into summer a time to remember.  This is a perfect time to get up to Big Bear Lake where the skies are clear and blue, temperatures are mild and the scenery is incredible.  Call Lucky Bear Fishing Charters at 909-866-7303  for guided fishing charters.