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Fall is near but summertime fishing is still here!

august2013 002The weather has been a bit extreme with temperatures fluctuating, lightning, rain and wind gusts at times.  As quick as the the weather changes come they seem to go. server address .  The kids are heading back to school and you can already start to see a little less boat and wave runner activity at times now.  This past week we covered the entire west end from Metcalf Bay to the dam.  Most fish were caught in front of Metcalf Bay, Trout Alley, Grays Landing and near the dam.  Hot lures were UV Red and Watermelon Needlefish, various brown trout Rapalas, Heavens Door and a variety of Little Warriors, prototypes of PK Lures flutter fish and flies, and night crawlers.  GLOW and UV lures are working well with rainbow trout when trolling.  Leaded lines are running at 3 to 5 colors and down riggers steady at 2-4 feet and 13-15 feet and surface has been fair.  All times have day have been fine for trolling and we averaged 6 to 24 rainbow trout within 3 hours.   It’s been incredible fishing and many are mentioning how beautiful the surroundings are with the fluffy white clouds, blue skies and fresh air.