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Fall temperatures have arrived and the rainbow trout are feisty and scenery is fantastic!

october2013 002Although the past week brought cooler weather and tougher fishing conditions it was well worth the effort to bundle up and venture out on the hunt for the hungry, aggressive ones.   There’s nothing like trolling around gorgeous Big Bear Lake in the fall.  While fishing for rainbow trout you will enjoy the incredible color changes in foliage around the shore, bright blue skies and crisp air with the hint of wood burning in the cabin stoves around the lake.  Every trip has been blessed with eagle sightings lately.   Just spend a few hours along the shore or on a boat fishing Big Bear Lake this time of year and you should be hooked for life!  Several very nice size hard fighters right under 3lbs were landed in past days and all the trout that hit were feisty.  It was slim pickin’ as far as locations where we could find the most aggressive and active fish.  The trout are all over the lake now, adjusting to the dramatic change in temps.  They are well fed and still a bit touchy and acting finicky at times.  Dozens of night crawlers were snatched right off the hooks and many hits on lures running on the leaded lines.  We covered lots of territory some trips but always found ourselves back at the same HOT spots.  Metcalf Bay, Windy Point and Gilner Point is where the majority of the trout were caught.  We averaged 12 fish in three hours.  Hottest lures have been UV red and Watermelon Needlefish, Green Gobie in copper or silver and Heavens Door copper Little Warriors, various smaller Rapalas on the surface, PK Lures Flutter Fish and flies,  flo pink Macks Wedding Rings re-rigged with glow beads and tipped with a night crawler and various dodgers/flashers with night crawlers on 8-14″ leaders.   Leaded lines hit most at 4 colors and down riggers at 3, 12 and 22 feet.  Vary speed and turn to get the fish aggressive and on the hook.   Patience and letting the fish fight is key to catching and never assume that the fish is small or not on the line.  The three biggest fish of the week hit delicately, fought hard and then played possum at times!   Be aware and check lures for weed often and crawlers must be watched closely for strikes.   Some trips we got into great consistency and others each fish came in on a different lure or rig.  So variety, determination, flexibility with locations has been vital to making the day go easy.  Never feel your failing and always keep trying and stay creative and positive – you will catch your limit!  Make sure to have fresh line, sharp hooks a good net and great selection of bait and lures there is a great chance of landing a lunker now.  Most important- prepare and dress warm and always think safety FIRST.  Also, plenty of snacks and drinks/water always make fishing extra enjoyable this time of year.  Lucky Bear Fishing Charters 909-866-7303