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Fishing season 2015 started off HOT trolling for Rainbow Trout on Big Bear Lake!


Fishing season 2015 is off to a great start for Lucky Bear fishers. Our “Lucky Lunker” biggest fish of the season contest is off to a decent start already. Ray Hale of Big Bear Lake caught a 3.75lb lunker near Windy Pt on a Needlefish at 3 colors on 6/14/15 at 7:20pm! The past two weeks most rainbow trout were caught trolling from Windy Pt to Grays Landing and outside Metcalf Bay into Trout Alley to Papoose Bay. A few times we fished the dam but stayed more toward the middle of the lake most trips. We trolled out in 32-34 depth of lake most of the time. Leaded lines were running at 2 1/2 to 3 colors and most fish were hitting around 3 colors. Down riggers were set at 4, 6, 10 to 18 feet most trips. Hottest lures have been Little Warriors in a variety of copper finishes along with Watermelon, Red Magic and Huckleberry Needlefish. A variety of Flicker Shads, Rapalas, Rebels and PK Lures hit on the surface and we noted most workin’ were SHINY gold or silver. Down riggers were also running a variety of handmade spinners. Many smaller fish are biting but also a great variety of sizes of holdovers. The rainbow trout have been anywhere from 8″-23″ so far and we’ve caught a fish only weighing several ounces and on the SAME trip landed a beautiful, hard fighter at right under 4 pounds! Turns, slowing and even speeding up the boat has helped to bring a few more fish to the lines as well as changing up lures often until finding the patterns/colors/finishes that turn on. So, you never know what size fish you’re going to land or how many fish you’ll catch has been the NEWER change up to our season along with a little more shoreline showing due to lower lake levels. Three hour trips were averaging 6-15 fish and five hour trips 10-20 fish. There have been many smaller fish stocked and we’re grateful that Lucky Bear customers have been releasing the small fish that can survive and grow into beautiful holdovers. Even with some extremes in fish sizes and count we can easily rate the start of the season 4 of 5 stars! There have been some LULLS where we wait then the bite turns on so we do advise planning to fish for several hours if venturing up the mountain and maybe stay a night or more. It’s well worth planning to fish a while due to the gorgeous scenery and perfect temperatures. Weather has been nice with some winds and the “Lake Fire” and accompanying smoke has stayed to the east of Big Bear and the surrounding areas. There have been a few times since this past Friday that the smoke did enter the valley until the winds picked back up. Overall, there’s no better time to be where the temperatures are milder and the skies are bluer. Lucky Bear Fishing Charters is now located on the North Shore in Fawnskin at Captain John’s Fawn Harbor and Marina. Please check out FawnHarbor.com to see all that this 5 star rated marina has to offer. Also go to Big Bear Sporting Goods 909-866-3222 when on the mountain for all your fishing gear and tips for shoreline and catching all species. For lodging call Golden Bear Cottages at 909-866-2010 or visit GoldenBear.net Please BOOK AHEAD for your Lucky Bear Charter 909-866-7303 where you always fish with Mike and Trish, husband/wife Captain and First Mate – trip times are limited! LuckyBearFishing.com