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BAM! First trip of season 2014 starts with a 4.32lb LUNKER

With such a unpredictable and tougher 2013 we geared up and headed out on our first trips with flexibility and determination in mind.  Fortunately, we didn't have to work too hard or bend much at all.  It was a matter of finding a couple good spots and a few great lures and hoping the winds were … [Read more...]

Season 2013 ends with a bang!

http://ideeclic.com/secure-and-unsecured-loans Season 2013 ended with somewhat consistent fishing as far as location, depths and catching quality holdovers.  Timing, speed and weeds were the inconsisent factors of the past month.  We enjoyed some of the best conditions as far as crisp air, clear … [Read more...]

Fall temperatures have arrived and the rainbow trout are feisty and scenery is fantastic!

Although the past week brought cooler weather and tougher fishing conditions it was well worth the effort to bundle up and venture out on the hunt for the hungry, aggressive ones.   There's nothing like trolling around gorgeous Big Bear Lake in the fall.  While fishing for rainbow trout you will … [Read more...]

Fine Fall Time Fishing on Big Bear Lake!

Fall has arrived and the change in temperature can get rainbow trout spunky, some are on the move and most are not enjoying the change in oxygen and behaving a bit touchy.  Adjusting from summer to fall has us on our toes a bit more.  Flexibility, determination and willingness to try new things and … [Read more...]

Shifting from summer into fabulous fall fishing on beautiful Big Bear Lake!

It was a bit more challenging this past week.  The weather is starting to change and fall is in the air.  We averaged 10 rainbow trout in a three hour trip and there were a couple six and eight fish trips and as many as 18 fish in a trip so timing has mattered.  All times of day have been fine to … [Read more...]

Lovely Labor Day Weekend on Big Bear Lake with Family and Friends

The past week we took some more time off for R&R and each time we ventured out on a trip it remained no brainer fishing!  Trolling for rainbow trout has been phenomenal for us the entire summer.  We figured out the perfect blend between down riggers, leaded lines and surface.  Labor Day weekend … [Read more...]

Fall is near but summertime fishing is still here!

The weather has been a bit extreme with temperatures fluctuating, lightning, rain and wind gusts at times.  As quick as the the weather changes come they seem to go. server address .  The kids are heading back to school and you can already start to see a little less boat and wave runner activity … [Read more...]

Awesome Summertime Fishing on Big Bear Lake

This past week things got a little more challenging and timing is everything while trolling for rainbow trout.  We spent the entire time on the west end of the lake from Windy and Gilner Points to the dam.  Most fish were caught along the north shore some very close to shore but many were way into … [Read more...]

Rainbow Trout were Hitting

This past week we covered the entire west end and majority of the rainbow trout were hitting along the north shore from Windy Point to the dam.  Our depths were from the surface to 20 feet.  All times of day have been good fishing and late afternoon tends to pick up particularly near dusk.  Leaded … [Read more...]

Memorial Day Weekend on Big Bear Lake

It was a beautiful Memorial Day Weekend on Big Bear Lake. This is a favorite time of year when the trout keep us workin’ to find the hungry ones and trolling allows us to cover lots of territory quickly. The trout are well fed from all the natural food supply and the 2lb+ size and beautiful pink … [Read more...]